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12 course personal development training seminar in growing your Vitality - Strength - Altruism - Virtue – being Awakened - Dedicated - Aligned. This self development course is one of the most powerful personal developments you will ever under go!


vsavada Elite Certification Program

Empowering People to Live their Divine Purpose

Much of your life is a preparation to solve a problem that may not exist yet. There will be times you are going through something and you may not understand why, but afterwards you will. Andrew helps you to unlock Your Divine Purpose is, whether in your personal or executive corporate life. He teaches you how to fight in order to get into the clarity on your calling from God. Andrew will teach you and your team in how to Take Action in the Now. Even though it may be something you may not want to do, once you realize that in the Today and in the Now is the time to act because God may be taking you where you do not want to go, and you were born for a purpose! The agreements you make with yourself authorizes you to do the things you need to do.


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