Andrew Lee is a published author, leadership expert and a Master Keynote Presenter — And, is undisputedly recognized as one of the most powerful leader experts, and motivational speakers in the world. He serves as a John Maxwell certified trainer, and sits as a founding members of The Maxwell Team.

Whether you are an individual or company, Andrew Lee will teach you rather than to give up your freedom just become “successful”! “I will show you how to get the right things done, cut away the wasteful activities so you can put more time in financial freedom in in your pocket while maximizing your personal development in becoming the person and/or leader you want to be!”

In today's world those who are elected or assigned to positions of trust seemingly slip into downward paths of greed, corruption and destruction — serving as a dictator rather than as a moral leader. 

Andrew Lee teaches how to become an honorable leader, creating the prominent leader — covering leadership perspectives for today’s world, government, corporate and religious sectors. He is a believer in taking control of your life and he is popularly known for strategies on how to “Take Back Your Power”, overcoming poverty and achieving the power of success.

Andrew Lee’s experience consist of developing individuals, corporate executives, church and government officials, helping take their levels of growth in leadership to higher levels, unlocking true potential, being principled, moral, honest and worthy core ethics. 

Andrew Lee International Leadership Seminars, (ALILS) will be transitioning its broadcasts to platforms that support freedom of speech, which fall under your 1st Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution, which document serves as the supreme law of the land — And, which definitely today is being disregarded by corrupt government officials, lawmakers and judges. 

 - Published Author.
 - Leadership expert & Master Keynote Speaker.
 - John Maxwell Certified Leader Expert & Trainer.
 - Founding member of The Maxwell Team.
 - Keynote speaker on U.S. Presidential Campaign. 
 - Strategic Business Developer of several successful companies.
 - Business owner, president and CEO, senior vice president of operations and general manager for several companies, including Fortune 500.

Andrew’s background in accomplishments additionally serve as being an avid student in the art of history, the Constitution, political science, health and nutrition sciences, cellular anti-aging, health science, immunology and nutrition. He has Executive Management background and Entrepreneur Strategist in business development, and toured the world speaking at seminars and coaching. Further, Andrew Lee is also an awarded International Photographer. Additionally, he graduated in the studies of Christian academics and served formally as an ordained minister.


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